downlit_md_* works by traversing the markdown AST generated by Pandoc. It applies highlight() to CodeBlocks and autolink() to inline Code.

Use downlit_md_path() to transform a file on disk; use downlit_md_string() to transform a string containing markdown as part of a larger pipeline.

Needs pandoc 1.19 or later.

downlit_md_path(in_path, out_path, format = NULL)

downlit_md_string(x, format = NULL)


in_path, out_path

Input and output paths for markdown file.


Pandoc format; defaults to "gfm" if you have pandoc 2.0.0 or greater, otherwise "markdown_github".


A string containing markdown.


downlit_md_path() invisibly returns output_path; downlit_md_string() returns a string containing markdown.


if (rmarkdown::pandoc_available("1.19")) { downlit_md_string("`base::t()`") downlit_md_string("`base::t`") downlit_md_string("* `base::t`") # But don't highlight in headings downlit_md_string("## `base::t`") }
#> [1] "## `base::t`\n"